Mediatronic Systems

"Thanks again, your product seems to be great at an affordable price for us small independent retailers !"
Warren Petters - Canada

"I really think you have a great product and I believe in it. I also believe in your company and the work you guys have done .... Your comparison studies of the competition are great. Hands down you have the edge on features compared to Sh??? Log?? and you still have them beat on the price point! "
J. Hines - USA

"Your price is really great, the lowest around and the planogram results look great! For whatever it is worth I saw programs that were as much as $13,000.00."
H. Nielsen - Denmark

"I have gone through another demo program and it was pretty easy, but much more expensive than yours. Also found others that were over 15,000 dollars. You seem to be the cheapest around, at least from what I have found. "
R. Stewart - USA

"Your company has created an excellent program that give small and medium size retailers what they really need at an affordable price. This will definitely give your competitors a real run for their money."
Vichien Kulvarporn - Thailand